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What is Osteopathy?
Osteopathy is a drug free form of health care that treats the body as a whole.
Osteopathy involves hands on treatment, that aims to give relief from conditions and pain related to to body`s structural system.

Who can be treated?

All ages are can be treated by an osteopath, from children to the elderly.

What can osteopathy treat?
Back, neck,hip, shoulder and sciatic pain are commonly treated, however osteopathy can help to treat a wide variety of health problems.

Please feel free to contact the osteopath to discuss whether osteopathic treatment is appropriate for you.

Can sports injuries be treated?

Yes, Gareth has treated sports men from County Cricket and football`s Premiership and Championship.

What can I expect when I consult an osteopath?
* Your initial appointment will last between a half and one hour. Follow up appointments will last about a half hour.
*The osteopath will take a detailed case history, including your symptoms and medical history.
*The osteopath will carry out a structural and visual examination – you may be required to remove some of your outer clothing.
*The osteopath may carry out some general health checks, including reflex tests and blood pressure measurement.
*The osteopath will make a diagnosis and if appropriate will begin
treatment. However if they feel another form of treatment would be more appropriate, then they may suggest consulting another health practitioner.
*After treatment advice will be given to support the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?
It may take a number of sessions to relieve your condition. Osteopathy is notĀ of an instant cure as it can take time to balance the body`s structure and function in order to help it repair itself.


* All osteopths train to science degree level for at least 4 years.

*In 1993 osteopathy became the first major complementary healthcare profession to be accorded statutory recognition under the 1993 Osteopaths Act. This gives patients the same safeguards as when they consult a doctor or dentist.

*It is illegal to describe yourself as an osteopath if you are not
registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

Gareth Ratcliffe - Osteopath